SETESOL is comprised of 11 states which meets regionally since 1988.  Each year, the conference moves from state to state. For more information about each particular state's TESOL affiliate, check their website at


2019 - Hosted by SSTESOL (Orlando, FL)


2017 - Hosted by AMTESOL (Birmingham, Alabama)

2016 - Hosted by KYTESOL (Louisville, KY)

2015 - Hosted by LaTESOL (New Orleans, LA)

2014 - Hosted by ARKTESOL

2013 - Hosted by Carolina TESOL

2012 - Hosted by TNTESOL (Knoxville, TN)

2011 - Hosted by VATESOL (Richmond, VA)

Tennessee TESOL is a professional, non-profit association whose purposes are to promote scholarship, to disseminate information, to strengthen at all levels instruction and research in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages or dialects, to advocate for and support local, state, and national initiatives that will assure access to educational programs for students learning English as an additional language, and to cooperate in appropriate ways with other groups having similar concerns.

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