TNTESOL Board Member-at-Large Nomination

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Nominating a colleague or yourself is an easy process. First, read about the responsibilities of being a TNTESOL board member. Next, ensure that your nomination meets the criteria. Finally, fill out the online form by December 31, 2017.

General Information

TNTESOL Board meetings are held quarterly or (4) times a year. Traditionally, board meetings take place in June, September, December, and March. The first three meetings are always hosted in Middle Tennessee. The fourth and last meeting is always hosted Thursday evening at the annual conference.
Once all nominations have been received, a Slate of Nominees is published in our TNTESOL Newsletter Winter edition.
Although not required, we highly encourage the nominee's attendance at the annual meeting and conference where the voting takes place. Nominees are also allowed to and encouraged to campaign.

Presenting at the annual conference is an exceptional way for nominees to gain exposure. We highly encourage their participation. Nominees receive a nominee ribbon for their name tags for easy recognition as well.

What are the responsibilities?
  • Commitment of 3 years
  • Attendance at all Board meetings
  • Active participation with events and on committees
  • Membership recruitment in your region
  • Gathering and disseminating information in your region
  • One article submission to the TNTESOL Newsletter (Winter issue, before your three-year term ends)
Who is eligible?
  • Any paid member may be nominated.
  • If you are not a member or if your nominee is not a member, he/she may become a member at the time of nomination to fulfill eligibility requirements.
What is needed and how to make a nomination?

Before you begin, you will need:
  • a biography of the nominee (not to exceed 200 words)
  • a picture of the nominee to email as a jpeg: Abasi McKinzie
How do I to submit a nomination?
  • Simply click on this nomination link to submit a nomination form. 
  • Google forms are automatically time-stamped. Nominations close at midnight on December 31, 2017
  • Fill out all required fields. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • You may type in the biography or cut and paste the biography from an email or word document.
The biography field will be preset to a limit of 500 words.
If you are self-nominating, you must still fill out the background information on the person making the nomination (self).
You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Please feel free to contact Abasi McKinzie at at anytime if you have questions or concerns about the status of the nomination.

Board Election Slate of Nominees

Bios will be linked here

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