TNTESOL Edie Barry Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

Edie Barry (1948-2013) was a dedicated teacher and a committed member of the TNTESOL organization. In addition to this professional service, she actively served as a volunteer in a faith-based organization which provided ESL services to her community. In memory of Edie, and to honor her service, TNTESOL has established a new scholarship for those working in volunteer settings. The scholarship is awarded to one recipient per year and the recipient's organization will receive a complimentary TNTESOL newsletter subscription.

Scholarship Criteria:

1) Applicants must be a volunteer (not paid) teacher or program administrator at a faith-based or community organization that provides ESL classes for community adults.

2) Must be a TNTESOL member (if not a member, you must register- paraprofessional level $10)

3) Must plan to use funds within 90 days of receipt for one of the following (a detailed description must be included with the application):
o Materials to train volunteer teachers
o Training opportunities for volunteer teachers
o Teaching materials for the faith-based or community ESL classes

4) Upon selection, recipients must submit an article for the TNTESOL newsletter, describing the program and how the requested training or materials will serve the community and improve the quality of English classes. The TNTESOL board will forward communication to the Barry family.

Complete the application here.

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